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Growing up in Damascus, Syria, where the majority of females are hijabis and wear modest clothing, I frequently wondered how it would feel to wear my hijab in a non-Muslim country. I always imagined that I would be an introvert, unnoticed, shy girl who would not believe in herself in a society full of pretty girls with gorgeous hair. Many years later, when I moved to the US, that was not the case at all! I have and will always be proud of my hijab, of my identity, of who I am! My confidence was getting stronger every single day as I became a contributing member to my community.

Still, I had always struggled to find the perfect headscarves that will fit my personality and my different roles as a mom, a wife, a pediatrician, and a fashionable modest lady. I wanted to conveniently buy high quality hijabs online, but I also needed options, options, and more options! Working more than 12 hours daily, while having to use my stethoscope hundreds of times, I needed a comfortable hijab different from the sport hijab I would wear while exercising, or the fancy hijab I would wear for a party.

Unable to find enough options, I decided to start DANAS hijabs online store so all Muslim females in different roles of their societies, can find the high-quality headscarf that would make them feel most comfortable and confident. My goal is to provide every Muslim female with tons of options, and tons and tons of confidence.

We don't need more than being ourselves to be perfect!

Inas Ruhban, co-founder

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